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Scrabble Tile Racks made Pretty

By lindsycarranza
14 January 2010
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I love taking something and making it into something else or just making it pretty! These are prefect for displaying your favorite pendants or holding a simple picture or if you really love scrabble you can have the prettiest tile holder around!



First choose what paper you would like to use and tear it into pieces (that way it'll be easier to mod podge).


Now using mod podge apply your pieces of paper around the tile rack. Use a paint brush that you don't care that much about so you can use it to push the paper into the curves and creases of the tile rack. You might have to let it dry in between so it's easier to handle and do.


Finally if you'd like hot glue a piece of felt to the bottom to protect surfaces (this is optional) and Viola! Pretty scrabble tile rack!

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Very unique..and I love scrabble

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What a unique idea -- I am going to look for some of these tile racks at a thrift store -- My son and his wife like to play scrabble - what a novel gift they would make.

Other Supplies
  • scrabble tile racks
  • scrapbook paper
  • mod podge
  • felt

Also if you'd like you can protect the rack with glaze before adding the felt on the bottom.
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